Inner Space Yoga @ Gaythering

Yoga is a spiritual practice of mind and body exercises, studied for centuries by those seeking enlightenment.A note from instructor Joseph Armstrong:

"Asana is the physical process of creating stress in the body in order to release it. Using this knowledge as a cornerstone, I often start class with a guided sivasana. This illustrates how asana fills the body and mind with tension, only to dissolve it away, potentially leaving us empty and free. On my own path the management of daily stresses has been a pivotal issue and it was the search for a more peaceful life that has cemented my bond with the mat. 

Sharing the calmness one can feel in practice and how one may transfer that off of the mat, and into everyday life, is of greatest importance to me.

I aim to integrate yogic philosophy and spiritual awareness into every class, through the use of intentions, quotes and music. My hope is to guide students into awareness of the inner spaces of their body while embracing the quiet outer limits of their minds."

For more information on Inner Space Yoga go to: >innerspaceyogamiami.com